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10 Pick-Up Lines Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Guys think we’re complicated, but in all actuality, we’re not that hard to talk to! Throwing us corny pick-up lines to catch our attention will only turn us off and more than likely ruin any chances you had of getting to know us better. Here are the top 10 pick-up lines that I’m tired of hearing (and I’m sure you are too).


1) “Ay Girl” 


2) “God bless your genetics”


3) “You look like you need me in your life”


4) “Don’t I know you?”


5) “Where’s your man? You’re too stunning/gorgeous/beautiful to be single” 


6)  “D*MN” (followed by a full body scan)


7) “What that mouth do?”


8) “Oh, you got a boyfriend? He doesn’t let you have friends?” or “What that gotta do with me?”


9) “So when can I call you mine?”


10) *whistle* 

There you have it. 10 of the most irritating lines that have ever been laid on me. I’m sure there are plenty more out there, and if you care to share, tweet them to @HCValdosta with #PUL.

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