10 Pet Peeves All Retail Workers Have

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you know it has its perks… However, working in retail can also be a pain in the butt! Here are some pet peeves that can turn a retail job into a nightmare!


1. When you’re folding a table and a customer destroys it: Like seriously, it can take up to an hour to fold a table perfectly, and 30 seconds for a customer to destroy it! You find yourself watching them mess up your table like

2. Someone comes in 10 minutes before closing time: Everyone hates that one customer who comes in MINUTES before the store closes, as if you want to be there all night.

3. Working with boring people = boring shift: It seems like your shift passes by so much faster when you’re goofing around with your coworkers!

4. When a customer asks for the manager: Customers think they’re scaring you by asking for the manager, unaware that 9 times out of 10, the manager will be on your side.

5. When a customer reads the wrong sign and thinks the price is different than it is: Then, you have to go back and show the customer where they read wrong, and they don’t understand “why you would put the sign right there.”

6.  When you’re helping a million customers at one time: You’re helping one customer after another, then you go back to the first one, and they walked off somewhere, then you see the second one and they’re wondering why you haven’t helped them yet, then on your way to help the second one, a third customer asks for help, then here comes the FIRST customer and you’re just like

7. When you clock out and someone asks you for help: I think we’re all guilty of hiding our name tags and making a mad dash to the nearest exit once we’ve clocked out.

8. Working holidays: You’re missing out on home cooked meals and quality time with your family because your company wants to have a huge blowout sale.

9. When a customer jokingly asks for your discount: But deep down they’re dead serious….

10. When customers leave a pile of clothes in the dressing room: It takes everything in you not to ask the customer, “Do you make this kind of mess in your own home?” or, “Is this how your mother raised you?”

Working in retail is a drag, but when payday arrives, you're like