10 Motivation Quotes To Get You Through Finals Week

As it is starting to get cold outside, so is the work piling up on a college students desk. Here it is everyone, finals week has approached us and the burn out is real. From students falling asleep in the library to fighting for a study room; the stress level are real! This is just your reminder to breathe, we only have one more week! If you are lacking motivation and thinking about dropping out, read below: 




One bad grade does not determine your future. Yes GPA is important, but that one bad grade will not matter in 5 years from now!


Work hard!! We have 1 more week left!! Be organized and remember to take a break!! 


3) ​

Don't let these finals stress you all the way out!



Believe in yourself and do your best!




Even if you fail, it is not the end of the world. A little set back is okay. 




If you struggling in a certain subject, and think you can't do it.. You can! 



Be your own boss! Hold yourself accountable as well!! 



Go into your finals knowing the information and also knowing you can! 



Keep going, we have one more week! 



You got this! Remember breathe! 


Reminder: Finals week is not the end of the world and you got this. Don't crack under pressure and to relax. Self care is a huge must this week!!