10 Makeup Hacks and Tips Every Girl Should Know

Ever wanted to know how to speed up your makeup routine, but also enhance it? You came to the right place. Let's dive into the wonderful world of makeup and see how we can glow better and grow better as makeup artists!

  1. Use Tape or Paper For Your Eyeshadow 

What I mean by this is, just get a strip of tape and put it on the outer corners of your eyes in a slant direction. Use this while putting on your eyeshadow so when you take off the tape, your eyeshadow can be clean cut and neat! This works well when you woudlike to do a quick or a bold look. It allows you to easily put on your eyeshadow without worrying about stray particles and sparkles getting all over your eye area. You can also use a half a sheet of paper and put it against the corner of your eye like shown below!

2. Put Matte Primer and Primer with SPF on in the Summer Months 

Considering the days are getting warmer and Summer is right around the corner, it's time to bring out the Matte and SPF infused primers! Of course you don't want to burn, get darker, or sweat profusely causing your makeup to mess up. So, to prevent that get primers that make your make up have a Matte finish and can protect your skin! You can also go for a dewy look, but try to make it look like you're not sweating! 

3. In the Summer Months or Whenever You Want A Smooth Finish, Put Setting Powder in Your T-Zone Areas and Around Your Face Before Applying Foundation 

Putting setting powder in your T-Zone areas (where you're prone to sweat and get oily) prevents excess oils from showing through your makeup and reduces sweating around your nose creases and forehead area. It also gives you a smooth and clean finish. 

4. Instead of Putting Highlighter on Top of Your Makeup Put It Under Your Makeup So You're Looking Like You're Glowing From The Inside Out Instead on Top 

You'll look like you have an eternal glow instead of it looking like it's just sitting on top of your makeup. After applying your setting powder, go in with a little, just a LITTLE, highlighter of your choice and go over your face. Don't use too much or too little, just the right amount to make you look glowly and bright!

5. Put Chapstick on Before You Apply Lipgloss or Lipstick If You're Not Going For A Matte Look

You want to condition your lips and have them moisturized before you apply product that you're going to be wearing all day. So, before you put on lipgloss or lipstick(if you're not going for a matte finish) apply your choice of chapstick and watch your lips feel better and product apply smoother and shiny!

6. When Going For a Quick Look, Do a Whole Face using Just Concealer

I say this because instead of going through all the steps, you can just apply your concealer (make sure it's the same color as your skin) to conceal your dark marks, dark under eyemarks, and problem areas. And it'll still look you have a full face on, if done correctly. Or you can find a 2-in-1 foundation and concealer! Just make sure it's in your correct shade.

7. Instead of a Pomade For Your Eyebrows, Try Using Eyeshadow 

I know this sounds weirds, but it works and it looks so natural! I don't know if tons of people do it, but I do and I fell in love. This is a really good hack, especially if you're in a hurry and need something quick, natural, and easy. Personally, I use the brown shade in Anastasia Beverley Hills, "Soft Galm" pallete for my brows. It all depends on the color of your brows! Just apply it with an eyebrow spooly as you normally would with pomade and conceal! There. All done!

8. ALWAYS Exfoliate Before Applying Your Makeup

I say this because of course it's removing the dead skin and soothing your pores, but it also preps your skin for your makeup. Considering you'll most likely be wearing it all day, prepping your skin is necessary. It'll also help you apply your makeup easier. It'll go on smoothly and your skin will be more hydrated even after the makeup is applied. 

9. If You're Wearing Falsies, Apply Mascara To Your Real Lashes Before and After You Apply The Falsies

Trust me. Thank me later. Your lashes will be BOMB after using this tip. 

10. Last, but not least, TAKE YOUR TIME

Yes, you may have woke up late for work or class and need to do a quick, but cute look; just take your time! I promise it'll come out looking better and more put together. If you use the tips and hacks I just gave you you'll be glowing and have people thinking your look took an hour when it really took 10-15 mins. TOPS! Now go, PROSPER! 

- xoxo, HCXO