Wisconsin Appropriate Halloween Looks

As a woman who lives in the frozen tundra we call Wisconsin, I whole-heatedly understand the struggle that is looking cute on Halloween and not freezing your butt off. Seemingly everything at the store is skimpy, leggy and straight-up not manufactured for those of us who may need to contend with snowflakes on Halloween night. 


This year I sought out some options to contend with this challenge.  


Cruella De' Ville 

Some Villains will do anything in the name of high-fashion including but not limited to dog-napping 101 puppies to achieve the perfect look. Although Cruella's life choices are a bit questionable this devious diva is sure to stay toasty warm in her glamorous fur coat. Getting into character is as eary as 1,2,3. Hit-up your local thrift store in search of the perfect jacket, snag some dashing red gloves and don't forget those alluring two-toned locks. 




A Scarecrow

Much like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, you would be brainless in denying this look is a-dorbs! Easy, affordable and strangely cute, this scarecrow look is a no-brainer. Seeing as fall is the unofficial season for flannels you should have no problem digging-up a cozy shirt to rock. Pair this with a straw hat, an old pair of overalls and some DIY make-up, you're ready to rock!   




The Onesie

Sure, it may not be the sexiest look in the world, but Onsies are the king of comfort. Available at a Wal Mart near you, Onesies are a surefire way to beat the cold and remain festive simultaneously. Bonus: you're already dressed for bed so you'll be good to go when you drunkenly pass out at 3 a.m.! 





The Garden Gnome

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a fall face of facial hair? Now you don't have to! For a look that's sure to win the prize for "most creative", weird all your friends out with this fabulous garden gnome ensemble. There's a good chance you already have pieces of this costume sitting around at home. You might need to splurge and purchase a faux beard but hey, sometimes you have to know when to treat yo'self! 



B.A. Bat

They're tiny, they squeak and they keep our skies clear of nasty buggy pests. Pay homage to the number one creature of the night, with a snazzy bat costume. For a pun-ny twist throw on some fangs and go as a "vampire bat". I vant to suck your blooood!