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What We Are All Looking Forward to After Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWM chapter.

We know, we know finals week seems like the longest week of semester. With exams, projects, and endlessly long research papers with even longer bibliography pages. Apologies, we don’t mean to remind you of the terrible week ahead. However, there this a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will be here soon enough! Here are a list of things we are all looking forward to after finals and the semester comes to a close: 

1. Going to your home-home

The feeling of walking into your childhood home after the semester is over (with the car full of dirty laundry, of course), is like no other. It’s like you go back to being 10 years-old again: watching cable TV, the fridge stocked full, and you get to snuggle with your dog or cat (whom you’ve missed the most but you won’t tell your mom that). Relax, you’re finally home! At least until your parents start making you do chores, again *eye-roll.*


2. Eating homemade food for a least the next week

Give your microwave and local pizza place a break. It’s time to stock up on homemade casseroles and infinite amounts of leftovers. You’re home, where meals are actually prepped and no “just add water” mac ‘n cheese packets allowed. Praised be. It’s time to feast like a queen before you have to return to only eating crackers and peanut butter.

3. Enjoying holiday festivities without the guilt of not studying

After Thanksgiving is over, all you want to do is partake in every holiday festivity. From ugly sweater parties, to ice skating and going to Christmas Markets. However, when school is still in session that aching feeling in the back of your mind reminds you about all the homework you have to finish. After finals are over, that feeling goes away and all you have to worry about is not putting enough cinnamon Baileys in your eggnog and spilling it on your Rudolph sweater.

4. The Bachelor starts again

That’s right… Season 22 of the Bachelor starts back up on New Year’s Day! So get your girls together, fill those champagne glasses, and get ready for your Monday nights to be filled with ‘love and heartache,’ once again.


Sleep seems like a nonexistent thing during finals week. However, after your last exam or paper is turned in you can finally get back to your precious eight-hours of sleep at night. So, snuggle up and get in that healthy REM cycle!


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