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The Week Before Spring Break As Told By This Season’s Bachelor Contestants

Whether you’re hitting up the beaches, visiting friends or family, spending time at home or simply just looking forward to the week off from school, we all can’t contain our excitement for the upcoming break. Here’s some of our favorite bachelor contestants from the current season sharing their thoughts and emotions we all can relate to as we count down the days until we’re free. 

Waking up Monday morning and realizing spring break starts at the end of the week 

Watching your friends from other schools already enjoying their spring breaks and sitting there like:

Calculating how much money you’re probably about to spend

Thinking about all the relaxation and binge-watching you’re about to do 

Being sleep-deprived from all the cramming and studying you’re trying to get done before the end of the week

When it’s only Wednesday and you begin to wonder if you’re ever going to make it out alive

Hitting up the mall to grab some last minute things and to brighten your mood because you’re SO CLOSE

When a professor decides to throw in a “read this chapter over break and be ready to discuss it when we all return”

Sitting in your last class and trying not to look at the clock every 5 minutes 

Finally getting to the end of the week and officially getting fired up because SB17 is here! 

Have a safe and wonderful spring break, everyone! 


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