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There Is Bravery In Being Soft

“You can protect yourself from so many things, but you can’t protect yourself from the people that you love. “


When I heard this, I had to sit down and think about all the reasons why things never worked out even when I wanted them to so badly. Sometimes we end up by getting what we need in the absence of not getting what we want. I’ve met so many people who guard themselves and try to protect themselves from all the things that could possible hurt them, but I say that’s absurd. Instead I say love. Love with every fabric of your being. Do not let love and difficulties in your life make you hard and unwilling to give and receive all that you deserve.

There is bravery in being soft.


Love every part of who you are. Never be afraid to “care too much” or love unconditionally. The right people and things will eventually gravitate towards you and stay. I know it’s hard when all you want to do is build a wall so no one can break it down, but you have to be the one to keep on standing through it all. Learn to walk away from the things that do not deserve you and lean towards the ones that do. All the while, still loving. Sometimes, it will be easy to feel out of control. Small things will affect you greatly. At these times, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are doing better than you think and that you have this figured out. You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.


In times of darkness, choose happiness because there is always bravery in being soft. 

Just a 5'4" independent and free spirited woman, easily inspired and always smiling. While I'm not on here spilling all my thoughts and writing my heart out, I thoroughly enjoy drawing, blogging, adventuring and of course dancing around in my underwear and eating mac and cheese. It's the simple things in life that truly make me who I am. I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisco and inspire to be a pediatric nurse.   
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