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Spring Break? More like Spring Broke.

As spring break is approaching, you’re either preparing for a sunny, tropical vacation or you’re like me: dreading the snow and long work week ahead. Even though a week off of school is nothing to complain about, you’d much rather be planning out beach outfits and last minute swimsuit shopping. But don’t worry, there’s still ways to enjoy your week off at home on a budget!


Work, work, work!

During school, your work hours are probably limited. If you’re like me, you’re stuck working long weekend shifts, so now is the time to pick up some more hours to make a little more money!


Binge watch like it’s your job

Maybe you don’t have a job currently or maybe you have the week off from that too! So to pass the time, catch up on that show you just can’t get enough of or even start a new one! With no plans ahead, it’s easy to get caught up in a good drama so grab some snacks & get to watchin’! 


Explore your city

Most students take advantage of the city they’re from. We forget all that our hometowns have to offer so spending some time at home, trying out new coffee shops or even looking up local events, can be a fun way to get re-involved with your city for the week!


Online shop (for deals of course)

Retail therapy is a girl’s weakness! It’s even better when you don’t have to get out of bed! Spring means new summer lines and lots of new swimsuits to stock up on so search for the deals while you’re lounging around on your days off!


Check out new movies!

With nasty weather outside, it’s always a struggled finding something entertaining to do outside of the house! With a bunch of new movies hitting theatres lately it’s the best time to go catch one or two at a theatre near you!



If you’re like me and can’t cook very well..you probably find yourself coming across those TASTY videos on Facebook but never have time to try them out! Well now’s the time! Find a fun, easy recipe or two and try them out over break! Nothing like a good home cooked meal!


Hit the gym

Even though it may be the last thing you want to do on your week off, it’s a good time to get in shape with no distractions! Get your body looking summer ready! 


Plan a future adventure

Maybe you don’t have enough money for this spring break, but there is always time to save up and schedule an adventure for the future! Check out airbnb.com or even friends instagrams to find awesome destinations for great prices! I’m headed to Nashville in May, I highly recommend it! 


Hopefully these ideas gave you a little encouragement for your Spring Break at home! And don’t worry, there is always other times to travel! (that’s what I keep telling myself.)

Cailynn is currently an undergraduate student studying Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her adventuring began at an early age in Madison, WI and hasn't slowed down since. Outside of HerCampus, she also writes for the The Daily Cardinal, The UWM Post and Media Milwaukee. When she doesn't have a computer in front of her you can find her with a chai in one hand, her phone in the other, spending time with the greatest humans on the planet and laughing at her own jokes.
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