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It is that time of year that I enjoy the most, spring! This is the time where you get to spruce up your home or dorm and bring some life back into it! As a broke college student I know that decorating can be quite difficult on a budget so I am going to share with you some of my favorite tips for bringing some life back into your home without breaking the bank!

My first tip for bringing some life back into your life is by getting a new plant! Plants are pretty inexpensive and you can get some really cute clear vases from your local Goodwill which will still look classy without breaking the bank! Whether you are a new plant mom and someone who is an expert with plants there is always one out there for you. For new plant moms I recommend getting something that is easy to take care of like a cactus or like an ivy plant. Cactuses are really fun to have, easy to care for, and when they bloom little flowers they add a little color to your room too! Ivy plants are also really mellow plants to rake care of and do not require you to be an expert to take care of them. 

Another fun idea to add some color into your room is by getting a cute little rug with multiple colors in it! It not only adds dimension to your room but adds a fun splash of color that will brighten any room. The rugs do not have to be big to make a huge statement in your room. Small rugs that have lots of fun color make just as big a statement as a giant rug that overwhelms your room with it’s brightness. Finding the right size rug for your room is key to making sure that everything in there is balanced and complimentary of each other.  Usually you can find rugs that won’t break the bank at places like Target, Walmart, or even TJ Maxx/HomeGoods. 

Another simple way to spruce up your room is with endless amounts of pillows that are fun and bright colored. Pick pillows that go with your existing decor but are maybe a little more bright and add some more color to your surroundings! Pillows are not only fun to look at but are also a functional piece in your home as well. All your colorful pillow needs can be fulfilled at TJ Maxx/HomeGoods or even Target! You don’t have to break the bank to add a few little pieces to your home that will help brighten it up. I recommend adding two or three pillows to help brighten up your room.

My last tip for you to add a little bit of spring to your room is by adding some colorful wall pieces. Whether you buy some cute little canvases or you decide to make your own wall art it is a great way to add some personality to your rooms. If you choose to create your own wall pieces you can get super cheap frames from either the GoodWill or Walmart and print your own inserts for the frames at home! Printing your own not only helps you save a little bit of money but you can personalize all of your wall art to match exactly what you want! 


Ashley is a Senior at the University Wisconsin Milwuakee where she is majoring in Human Rescource Management. She is currently the President for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukees HerCampus chapter. Outside of HerCampus Ashley is PR Manager and brand ambassador for Love Your Melon! She enjoys all the fun volunteering oppurtunities with the kiddos and within her community that Love Your Melon has to offer. During her free time you can find her passing time watching Netflix or diving into a good book.
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