September Guest Writer: Chelsey Knuth

Chelsey Knuth is a fourth-year senior majoring in Geography with an Urban focus, a minor in Political Science and an anticipated minor in Geographic Information Science. She's one ambitious panther, right?  This cool cat transferred from Arizona State University to UW-Milwaukee in 2015. Knuth says that she chose to finish her undergrad education at UWM because she wanted to be close to her family and continue to water ski competitively but we can all probably guess the real reason Knuth transferred back to Wisconsin from ASU: the cheese and beer. ASU might have had hot weather and cute boys, but they don’t do beer and cheese like Wisconsin does. To cater her beer and cheese needs, Knuth frequents her favorite off-campus restaurant, the Milwaukee Beer Bistro in Riverwest.

“All of their food is beer-infused,” said Knuth. “Their mac and cheese is one of the best things I have ever tasted!”

Alright, maybe the beer and cheese is not the MAIN reason Knuth came back to Wisconsin. Saying she is actively involved with her water skiing is an understatement. She lives and breathes the sport. Being back in Wisconsin has given Knuth two opportunites to continue her water ski passion. Knuth is a member of the UWM Water Ski Club the Badgerland Water Ski Show Team out of Waukesha. This past summer, Knuth and her Badgerland Water Ski Show Team qualified for Nationals.

In addition to being a passionate water skier, Knuth is also an important part of the Greek life on the UWM campus. Kappa Tau is the sorority she calls home and since joining in the spring of 2016, she has fallen in love with being Greek.

“Being a member of Greek life at UWM has given me a sense of purpose on campus,” said Knuth. “It made me feel that I am part of a community that is united in their passion to make a difference on and off campus.”

“I have been most inspired by the women of Kappa Tau during my time at UWM," said Knuth.  "They invest so much of their time and effort to support their sisters and the Greek community. There have been opportunities where we all have opened up to each other about some of the biggest challenges in our lives, and it’s amazing to see how other girls rally behind a sister whenever she needs support.”


Knuth also highly recommends going Greek to any incoming freshmen women looking for their forever family. Not only has she become close with the amazing women in her sorority, she has also enriched her own lifestyle by mingling with the other Greek organizations on the UWM campus.

“No matter what preconceived notions you might have about women in sororities, I promise you will overcome them as soon as you meet the incredible people involved in Greek life at UWM,” said Chelsey. “You will be able to participate in all the fun events we as a Greek community plan and one really important part of your freshman year is getting to make new friends and the Greek community has a plethora of amazing people to meet!”

Special thanks to Chelsey for being our first guest writer! You can check out her September article about the UW-Milwaukee Water Ski Club and be sure to follow her UWM adventures on IG @chelseyrknuth