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The Perfect Study Playlist

Sometimes to get into that flow mode when studying or working on that big project you need the best handful of music you can find. Peaceful, acoustic, and soft sounds will help ease your mind and keep you in focus. The music freak in me has some great songs that you can easily put into a playlist and drift away and make this semester more manageable.

  1. Anchor by Novo Amor – similar to Bon Iver, great artist when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious 
  2. Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky – instrumental band with the most beautiful sound
  3. Beach Baby by Bon Iver – of course, one of his best songs he’s ever created so put a candle on and get to work with this one 
  4. Malleable Beings By The Paper Kites – sad but beautiful piece of music and is perfect for brainstorming. 
  5. Fire Escape by Half Moon Run – a little acoustic guitar always soothes me while I am studying, so if you dig this as well I would definitely take a listen 
  6. Don’t Go Slow by Benjamin Francis Leftwich – what can I say, all of his songs are perfect for studying, this one is just a favorite of mine
  7. The Moon Was Red and Dangerous by Gregory Alan Isakov –  great acoustic guitar sounds so take a listen to this one as well 
  8. Terraform by Novo Amor and Ed Tullet – this song is off his new album, and is definitely worth listening to 
  9. Empty by PVRIS – a slower song for this band, but her voice is very soothing and carefree making note taking a little easier 
  10. Black Bear by Andrew Belle – one of my favorite artists of all time, this song is all around my favorite study song 

Each of these songs has a mellow beat and makes the atmosphere in which you are studying calmer and more work efficient. I listen to most of these songs every time I am scribbling down notes or brainstorming for my next big paper. Each of these has it’s own story and most of them are some of my favorite musicians. So I hope you like them just as much as I do! 

Creating a playlist full of music that you enjoy can be the best way to stay busy and on task. It does not matter what genres of music you love listening to. I hope a few of these songs can create ideas for your next study playlist and help you succeed. 

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