One More, Then We Go- a Night at Lakefront Brewery

They don't call Milwaukee "Brew City" for nothing. If there's one thing we know how to do here it's brew beer! There are tons of great brewery tours throughout the city, one of the most popular being Lakefront Brewery on Milwaukee's East Side.



Take the tour and learn the history behind Lakefront Brewery and the science that creates the beautiful nectar of the Gods we all know and love, beer. Lakefront Brewery has one of the most popular tours in Milwaukee and tickets sell out fast! Don't make the same mistake as I did and be sure to purchase tickets ahead of time online,but be wary, print is the only ticket option so be sure you have a printer handy. If you forget to buy tickets ahead of time or if you're printer is acting up(darn things, grrr) fear not, Lakefront now offers 20-minute "mini tours" Saturday evenings. Each tour is jam-packed with interesting factoids about sourcing, brewing and bottling beer, the bad-puns and bottomless jokes are also a plus.


What's a brewery tour without beer? Upon purchasing tickets you'll be given four tokens that act as your "beer money" during your visit. Four beers might not sound like a lot to your average Wisconsinite, but let me tell you, these babies are strong! Lakefront offers a wide variety of different types of beer, be sure to try two of my favorites, "River West Stein" and the "India Pale Ale". 

If your stomachs still growling after your liquid-lunch(or if you tend to get the munchies whilst drinking...) order a batch of pretzels from Lakefront's German-style beer hall. 

Long story short, if you like beer and you want to have a good time, get your butt over to Lakefront Brewery asap, you won't be disappointed!