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November, You’re So Underrated

It seems like when October 1st rolls around we are all leaf crunching, apple picking crazy. When most instagramed month is over and we are all wiping off our Halloween make-up from the night before, and immediately we hear Christmas and holiday music on the radio. Guess it’s time to break out the stockings and Frank Sinatra Christmas playlists. Stop right there, Christina Kringle! There is still an entire month devoted to the harvest season and flannels, and her name is November. November is basically the salted-caramel latte to your pumpkin-spice, and we need to give her a chance.


After you pick up a bag or two (or three) of discounted Halloween candy, and before you start planning your ugly holiday sweater party, take a second to appreciate the wonderful and crisp month of November. It is like the pumpkin pie scented calm before the storm—that is December. Enjoy the Sunday afternoons in comfy sweatshirts and scarves looking at all of the burnt orange and brown leaves cloaking the trees, drinking a hot cup of cider while your dad yells at the football game on TV.

Obviously, I have to bring up the tastiest day of the year, Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t love stuffing their face full of mashed potatoes and turkey for an entire day, and the days following, with your family and friends? Thank you, November, for blessing us with the day of the turkey and endless amounts of whipped cream on top of grandma’s pumpkin pie.


If I haven’t sold you on November yet, this last reason is the knitted beanie to top it all off. Our first love, our prince, our sweet Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11th. That’s right, the Jack to our Rose, the Wolf to our Wall Street was put on this earth and in our hearts during November.

So, let’s give it up for November at all it has to offer.


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