Making a Difference in Your Milwaukee Community

With the school year starting, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved! A way to make a difference in your Milwaukee community is to volunteer. Now, I know you may be thinking that volunteering would take up “too much time” and take away your soon-to-be nonexistent social life. However, volunteering allows you to explore other interests or passions outside of school, meet new people, develop essential skills for the workforce and allows your education grow. Milwaukee has many opportunities and below is a just a few of the organizations that provide opportunities you can be a part of!

  1. United Way for the Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

This organization’s goal is to make a positive difference for the Milwaukee and Waukesha county residents in the areas of health, education and financial stability. Some examples of opportunities are: Feed the Hungry, Books for Kids, Domestic Violence Awareness, and more! Click this link to a detailed calendar month by month of all the opportunities you can sign up for.

  1. Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity provides services by fixing and building homes for families in need. If you have a knack for building and want to do something for families right here in your community, this is for you! Here is the link to get involved in the organization. In addition, UWM has a chapter as well – make sure to check them out at the student involvement fair!

  1. Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research

This center is a UWM based community service organization that allows students to find volunteer opportunities, develop their leadership skills and more. This center provides students with up to date information on volunteer events, as shown in the picture below from a previous month. To find out when the next volunteer events are or more information, click this link