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A Letter to My People Studying Abroad



To My World Travelers,


You’ve been gone for far too long… okay let’s be real it’s only been a couple months but it feels like years. While I’m sad and lonely without you all here, I am unbelievably jealous and excited for you. I am excited that you’re experiencing the trip of a lifetime, trying new things, living in a different culture and most importantly, eating lots of new food. Although we joke that you left us and tease that we are mad that you did, there’s no way I could be mad because you all worked so hard to get to where you are today. 


Aside from how thrilled I am for you, I’m obviously extremely jealous. Throughout my whole life I have been a homebody who is too afraid to go out and see the world, so you all inspire me because of that. I am jealous that you are so brave and so much more independent than I am. I am jealous that you are all stuffing your faces with foreign foods and then rubbing it in my face on social media. I am jealous of the adventuring. But most of all, I am jealous of those who get to experience this all with you.

Let’s give a big round of applause to technology and especially Steve Jobs for the capability of FaceTime. I would be lost without seeing your faces over these prolonged 5 months. I am living vigorously through your Instagram posts and your Snapchat stories, but you all are clearly aware of this… (so keep on posting!!) 


You saw the chance to travel and you went for it. As one of your best friends, I am so proud of you for taking this opportunity for yourselves. And with that being said, I cannot wait for you all to come so I can hear about every single adventure and all of the people you met along the way. I hope you come back ready to take on more endeavors with me by your side. But for now, I’ll see you on FaceTime. America misses you & so do I!!




Cailynn is currently an undergraduate student studying Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her adventuring began at an early age in Madison, WI and hasn't slowed down since. Outside of HerCampus, she also writes for the The Daily Cardinal, The UWM Post and Media Milwaukee. When she doesn't have a computer in front of her you can find her with a chai in one hand, her phone in the other, spending time with the greatest humans on the planet and laughing at her own jokes.
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