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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

December just started but Christmas is right around the corner! You’re at the point where all you have been thinking about is finals and just getting this semester over with. We all want to procrastinate and just want to think about the gifts we are getting but you know you can’t show up empty handed. Here is a list of 10 great Christmas gifts you can pick up last minute and would make anyone happy!  

  1. Gift Card – Probably the easiest gift you can buy for any member of your family. From shopping, a night out, or video gaming there are gift cards for EVERYTHING. This is the perfect gift for a last-minute shopper who doesn’t always find exactly what they were looking for. They are easy and still thoughtful! 
  2. Candles – These are such a simple and easy gift because you can either gift your favorite scent to someone or buy them something you think they’d love. It is always important to have a fresh scented room especially for entertaining! 
  3. Christmas Pajamas – Who doesn’t love cute and comfy pajamas to lounge around in during the winter months? They’re the perfect gift for anyone at any age!
  4. Slippers/Socks – Everyone could use a new pair of socks for Christmas! Socks are the last thing anyone wants to buy themselves. This time of year, almost every store has Christmas socks, grab a pair for an easy but cute gift. 
  5. Fuzzy Blanket – You can never have too many blankets…. Some to keep on your bed, some to have in the living room, some to just have everywhere in the house. Blankets are a simple gift but something everyone is excited to get. They are perfect to have during the winter months but useful all year round and last for a while. 
  6. Alcohol – You’re probably thinking why isn’t this number one on the list? Get the person their favorite bottle or wine or 6 pack of beer. Alcohol is a very easy gift that you can cater to everyone. It’s as simple as knowing what they like and showing up with it to the party! 
  7. Cold Weather Gear – Even if you don’t live in Wisconsin…it gets cold in the winter! Grab a matching set of hat and gloves and scarf and gloves. This is the perfect gift for either males or females since everyone wants to stay warm in the winter. It’s perfect for those who are always scrambling last minute to find gloves before they walk out the door.
  8. Hats – To go off the last idea, everyone loves a good hat. Personally, I have gotten a couple of Love Your Melon hats as gifts and have told others to give them as gifts. They’re simple and cute and useful all year round.
  9. Candy – Probably one of the easiest and most underrated Christmas gifts. Don’t see it just as stocking stuffers and get candy as a gift! Find out the person’s favorite type and grab a bag of it to gift or even add it to the gift you already bought. Everyone uses Christmas as an excuse to eat whatever they want before New Year Resolutions anyways!
  10. Board Game – This is perfect for a Secret Santa/White Elephant gift because it is universal but also you could play it right away at the party. Go with whatever game is popular right now and let the fun begin! 
Just a small town girl from Illinois eager to jump into a big world. A UWM student studying Communication with a minor in Journalism and Media Studies. Once I see what I want, I will not stop until I get it. I love everything from being outside in the middle of nowhere to being smack dab in the center of a big city. I am very passionate, hard working, talkative, and thoughtful. I am always down for great adventures and I am excited to see where living in Milwaukee takes me!
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