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How to “Pretend” You Went Somewhere on Spring Break

If you are like me, and you do not have any plans to go anywhere over spring break, then hopefully these ideas can help you out if you are looking for something to do within Wisconsin! These places can seem like you are “traveling outside” Wisconsin but all affordable. They also can lead to many Instagram photo opportunities.

1. Go up to Door County, WI

What is better than a nice relaxing trip up north? You can’t swim because Lake Michigan is a little bit freezing! But, you can explore art galleries, canals, and the historical museum’s all in Door County.

2. Buy a train ticket to Chicago

Grab your gal pals and head out towards Chicago. It is roughly around $40 dollars for a train trip round trip. Then you can explore the delightful coffee shops, check out the little boutiques, or even see a musical if you can!

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3. Go to the Milwaukee Domes

If you are jealous of your friends that got to go somewhere warm over break, remember that Milwaukee offers the Mitchell Park Domes. It is like stepping into Arizona and the Amazon all in one place. It is all the perfect place to snap some photographs of you “pretending” to be traveling.

4. Visit Discovery World by the lake

Spend the afternoon exploring the fun science museum right next to Milwaukee’s Art Museum. Just a whole day filled with culture and fun!

5. Explore Bayview

It’s like its own city kind of like bits of Paris, France, which is filled with a lot of creative souls. This also is a fun place to thrift some vintage goodies and it is an ascetically pleasing place to grab a drink out with the girls.

6. Hideaway in your home and binge the Oscar-worthy movies

My favorites include: Call Me By Your Name, The Post, Lady Bird, Dunkirk and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. These are just a few of my favorites! Yet, if you want to binge-watch a TV show its time to start Big Little Lies or The Handmaid’s Tale.  

7. Shop in Walker’s Point

Check out the shops’ Form and Specter they are right across from one another! Don’t forget to stop and grab a bite at Fuel Café.

8. Go visit the picture-perfect town of Cedarburg

Here you can check out local artists and even attend a tasty wine tour all in the same day!

9. Wisconsin Dells

If you love swimming, like I do, you can always go slipping and a sliding at Wisconsin’s largest water park. You can just buy a swimming pass for the day or you can stay at some of the fun resorts in the area!

Hi I’m Jess and basically there’s always something up with me. I currently reside in a cozy apartment in the city called Milwaukee, Wisconsin; where I either spend most of my time making collage messes while binging a new show or taking a bubble bath while stuffing my face with food in one hand, and trying to read in the other. I’m a photographer, blogger and adventurer. I am inspired by my midwest roots and free spirited dreamer attitude that makes me who I am today. I like to live in these moments and create and live freely through this amazing thing called life. I’m driven to share and write about basically anything in my life because it’s truly remarkable how small the world actually is.
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