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How to Make the Best of Spending Spring Break at Home

Stuck at home over Spring Break? Couldn’t afford to get out of town or waited too long to make plans? Well here is the perfect go-to guide to make your Spring Break worth it even if you never leave campus or go back to your hometown.


Pamper Yourself – Get Your Hair Done

Spring is the perfect time to vamp up your style and give yourself a nice trip to the hair salon. Winter is always rough on my hair… it’s usually is already dry but the coldness of winter and the constant need of hot showers to stay warm can definitely cause damage to your hair. Use your Spring Break at home to schedule that much needed appointment and add some cut and color to your life.


Catch Up With Old Friends

Whether you stay on campus of you go back home to be with family, now is the perfect time to see that friend you’ve been trying to make plans with for weeks! Everyone gets so caught up in the school and work balance that it makes it tough to find time for the friends in your life. Grab a drink, grab lunch, or everyone’s favorite.. brunch. Seeing an old friend a perfect way to relieve some stress and catch up on old times.

Start a Netflix Series… or Finish One You Already Started

So many things come and go on Netflix on a monthly basis. Is there a poluar show that everyone is talking about or one that has been on your list forever? Take the time finally start it! If there is one thing I live for… spending time on my couch doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING during Spring Break. Grab your favorite snacks, grab a blanket, and find the remote and get ready to plant yourself for a week and just binge binge  binge on Netflix.


See a Movie

I don’t know about you but I NEVER have time to go to the movies. In high school that was all I ever did because there was nothing else to do in my town. Now, I am lucky if I can ever make it to the movies and if I do… It’s 10 oclock on a Tuesday and I am yawning the entire time. Spring Break is meant to be relaxing so grab a friend or go alone and see that movie that caught your attention during the Oscar’s.

Go For A Walk… Get Some Exercise

Clear your brain! You have been working your ass off for weeks all semester and now is the time to take a breather and clear your brain before the final hail of the semester. Spring Break in the mid-west is always iffy when it comes to weather but the second it is nice out, take that chance and go for a walk to clear your brain. Do not worry about the first half of the semester, take the time to prepare yourself to rock the last half.


Take a Mini Vacation

Take a mini vacation or make any adventure you have a mini vacation! Go the the city closest to you and visit the museums and act like a tourist. Take a group of friends and stay in a hotel for the night and go for a mini spa treatment. If you have the right people in your life you can make any fun situation into a fun getaway. Take advantage of the time you have off and live life to the fullest.

Read a Book

Reading books is not something I have ever been a fan of but has always made it onto my list of New Year’s Resolutions. I never feel like I have enough time in the day to sit down and read a book for pleasure rather than for an assignment. Spring Break is the perfect time to find a book that interests you and read it! It might not get finished in that week of time but at least you know you finally got around to starting something that was on your list!


Go to a Concert

Throughout the semester so many artists and bands come into town and you are lucky if you have the chance to actually see them or have enough money to pay for a ticket. Spring Break is the perfect time spend that money you didn’t spend on a vacation and treat yourself to a concert. Whether is is a big show with a big name act or even just an acoustic set at a local coffee shop, live music is good for the soul and just great entertainment. See someone you’ve always wanted to see but never had the time, or find new music you didn’t know you needed!

Lastly, Work Ahead…

I know at this point it time that sounds extremely dreadful but since you’re spending time in your own home and not out at a party on the beach with 100 strangers… it is the perfect time to get ahead of schedule and get things done. If you don’t have anything else going on, working ahead can be beneficial to kicking your semester off the right way.

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