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Hairspray? More Like Hair STAY

Flat, frizzy hair is never a good idea. It can be hard to find the perfect product that makes styling easy. Not for long though. These three new hair products could be just what you are looking for.


Bed Head has amazing products, lets see what’s new!


  1. Bed Head Mini Masterpiece: this tiny bottle gives you the bang for your buck. Anything from teasing, up do’s or for on the go, it fits right in your clutter of a purse and lets you style whenever you please. Leaving your hair looking shiny, sleek and better than ever.
  1. Bed Head Mini Hard Head: For the extreme cases, this wonderful product gets you the results you need in half the time. With its intensity, any messy hairdo or style gone wrong can be fixed in seconds. Why not be hard headed? Use hard head.
  1. Bed Head Rockaholic: For all you dry shampoo lovers out there, there is a product for you. The new Dirty Secret dry shampoo from Bed Head makes any greasy ball, a rockin’ success. So whether you were rockin’ out with your favorite band the night before or just simply late for class, this product makes you never want to go back. And with its citrus smell, your hair can look and smell good.

Getting control over your own life can be a challenge; don’t make your hair one of them. 

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