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A Guide to a Productive Spring Break

It’s that time of year where all your friends are leaving for Mexico or packing for Europe, and all you’re doing is creating a Netflix schedule so you can watch 7 seasons in the week you have off of classes. And as relaxing as that sounds, being productive over spring break is super beneficial and will save you tons of stress in the months to come. So here’s a list of all the productive things you can do with your time off (and during Netflix binge breaks because let’s be real):

Update your resume

Chances are your resume is a little out of date. Take some time to sit down and really work on it. And hey, if you’re feeling super ambitious take the time to download a layout and make it super unique and memorable! (find layouts here). 

Update your LinkedIn

It makes life so much easier if you update your LinkedIn and resume at the same time. And who knows, there’s still time for a wicked summer internship to come your way!


Work ahead

Work ahead in your classes if it’s possible! Get those chapters and discussions posts done weeks in advance and don’t stress about them later, plus it’ll give you time to actually read the chapters and understand the material.


Make a meal plan

So you didn’t get to show off your killer bod at the beach in Cabo. Summer is coming and there’s plenty of time to hit whatever goal you have. Or if you just want to have easy meals made and ready all week, this is a great way to achieve that!

Pick your classes for fall

Unless you’re graduating, you still gotta plan for another year, two or three! I always tentatively plan my schedule for fall over spring break and then see my advisor just to make sure I’m on the right track. Makes for a productive advisor meeting and for a breezy enrollment day!

Clean…clean everything

Go through your closet, sell some clothes. Go through some drawers, bins, whatever you have and declutter for summer! This is a quick way to get some extra cash if you decide to sell things, too.

Read a book

No better escape than a good book.

Pick up some extra hours at work

This isn’t really relaxing, but you’ll for sure be thanking yourself later when you have some extra money when your schedule is too busy to pick up that extra shift.

Most importantly, enjoy your break!

It’s well deserved and much needed. So yeah, binge those 4 seasons of Shameless in two days (because it IS possible) but don’t waste the free time to tackle your ever growing to do list. 

My name is Karina Laufenberg. I'm a junior in college trying to discover self-love and the tastiest cupcake in the world. I'm eye-brow obsessed, a book worm, overly active on Instagram (follow me), a Netflix addict and a lover of writing.
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