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From A Future Grad, Thank You Mom and Dad

After graduation, which is only one short week away, I will have the world at my fingertips. A 23-year-old with a free spirit and a degree. Though I don’t have any definite plans, I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds. Before I run through the finish line, I have to recollect back on my college years. I did dome amazing things from studying abroad, being involved on campus, and making life-long friends. Joy and happiness fill my mind when I think of my favorite college memories and there are two people I must thank for all it: my parents.


Through thick and thin, and numerous stressed out phone calls my parents have been my number #1 fans, my shoulders to cry on, and pushed me to be a better student and well-rounded person. From touring what seemed like every college campus in the Midwest, helping me put my shoe-box size of a dorm together, signing the papers for me to study abroad, slipping me a $10 to ‘get a beer on Friday’ (sorry I usually had many more than just one), and the million other things they did for me, I thank them.

Though I could never repay my parents for everything they have gone through and given up for my youth and college years (especially right now because this grad is broke), I know it will all be worth it when I walk the stage next week and call them that I got my first big job.

One of my favorite days was when my parents came up to visit me, and instead of finding a new place to explore in the city, I showed them around campus. For some reason we toured over ten schools before I went to college, but they never saw the campus of where I actually ended up at. I showed them where my lecture halls were, where I go to get a coffee, my favorite places to study and everywhere else that make our campus unique, such the underground bar beneath the Union. I know that they absolutely loved walking around the school and I definitely loved being their tour guide.

I am forever thankful for the endless love and support that my parents have given me, and I cannot wait to give them the biggest hug after I walk the stage at gradation in one short week. Thank you, and I love you.

Just a midwestern girl with big dreams of traveling the world and being successful at what ever I put my heart and mind to. Fashion and politics are my areas of interest, but who doesn't love a good Bachelor in Paradise recap or cute puppy ranking?
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