Final Exam Essentials

We all know the feeling, exhaustion mixed with intense brain exercising and full body aches. It's called the final examination haze. Fear not, there are 5 ways you can minimize the haze of finals.
1. Lights, Camera, Lashes Tarte mascara
You will walk into your final with luscious, red carpet worthy lashes. 
2. Being. By Sanctuary Spa Hand Lotion
Not only will this lotion feel like stain on your hands but will smell like a caramel macadamia nut cookie. CARAMEL MACADAMIA NUT COOKIE. 
3. Alba Botanica Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes
The best way to fake the ‘I just got 10 hours of sleep last night’ look, this magical eye cream. Because we all know you only got 3 hours... 
4. Krazy Glue
Odds are something is going to break and your going to wish you had this fast acting mending glue. 
5. Actually She Can Tee
Because YOU actually can. Not only will this tee be the comfiest thing you’ve ever put on but will act as a reminder that you can conquer during finals week.