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Fashion Week Inspiration for Spring Break 2017

Alright, alright, alright, it looks like Spring 2017 isn’t all about “Florals”.

With spring break around the corner, I decided to do some Fashion Week research (instead of homework). Check out the latest fashion trends that you should take note of for this year’s spring break!

Sail Away From School

Seaside stripes are back and are not just meant for the sea! If you are planning on hitting the coasts or even to Daytona beach remember there is always time to slip into something striped.


Let’s Go OFF

One of my must haves is an off the shoulder shirt. And it looks like the 80’s are making a comeback (once again). The 80’s glam is back with lots of ruffles and we can’t forget the big shoulders trend.


Rosé All Day

It is safe to say pink looks good on everyone. So instead of sticking to the basics with eye shadow, grab some pink shadows and make your eyes pop!


Sandal less or Scandalous?

What is worst than getting a new pair of heels and having to break them in, shoes that just absolutely kill your feet by the end of the night? Flatform heels should be on that spring break checklist!


Bras out

Move over crop tops. Lately, two pieced outfits have been the rage, where the shirt seems to be bra-like. It is basically like wearing no clothes.


All About Dem Brows

Eyebrows are so important! Face it if you don’t own your eyebrows, who are you?

That said; enjoy some links to affordable options. Who said you can’t rock a look at any price?

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