College as Told by Stranger Things

1) You stock-up on loads of delicious junk food because no one can tell you otherwise. 


2) KFC, among other fast food chains may become your main source of nourishment. Steve, approves. 


3) When you spend all your time on social media instead of working on that 10 page paper that's due in 2 weeks...


4) Or, when you decide to stay in and study like the responsible human you are, and get flack for it. 


5) When you purge your hair of the zillions of layers of dry-shampoo for the first time in 4 days. 


6) When you sit next to someone in class who you actually want to be friends with IRL. 


7) When the house party is a sausage-fest. 


8) And said house party is filled with eager Freshmen who will seriously regret their decisions in the morning.


9) But you watch from afar because your dance moves are on-point.


10) When you gather the courage to talk to the hottie you've been crushing on...


11) When the professor abruptly stops lecturing and asks, "how many of you actually did the reading" in an accusatory tone.


12) When numbers, statistics and generally anything mathematical make you head spin.


14) When you learn something in class that literally blows your mind.


15) When you check your grades and the results are less-than satisfactory.


16) Leaving your last exam of the semester after surviving grueling hours of studying, stress and anxiety.


17) And finally, when it's all over and you break into a happy dance.