A College Girls Style Guide ft. Anthropologie

Many college seniors, including myself, are just on the brink of heading out to the real working world. It’s time to put away the crop tops and high wasted jeans. But that doesn't mean we have to start dressing like our mothers! It is time to start changing up our college style to a more younger adulthood style.

So, when we are making these changes to our closet…where does one even begin to start shopping? A good place to start styling your adult life is at Anthropologie, which is a sister store to Urban Outfitters (a college girls dream closet and also my all-time favorite store!). Yet, Anthropologies’ more successful, comfortable clothing, and unique brands are more suited to perfect that young adult look.

Model is wearing: Angie Sweater Coat, Callie Ruffled Shell Top

Here are three steps to help you create that Anthro look:


1. Don’t Have A Fit…

Jean season is here! Who said you can’t be trendy and comfy at the same time?  I have tried so many different types of jeans in the past, including brands like American Eagle, Levi, and BDG from Urban Outfitters. Yet, I’ve found that nothing compares to the brands that Anthropologie carries. The AG brand jeans are a must-have for the comfiest most basic jeans. They remind me a lot of American but fit more in areas you would least expect. While if you want to add style to your jeans, Pilcro carries a variety of unique pairs of jeans, to help spice up the normal pair of jeans.

Citizens of Humanity Cutoff Denim Skirt

Pilcro Mid-Rise Slim Boyfriend Jeans

2. The Best Time To Wear A Sweater…Is All The Time

Trust me when I say, I have not found a sweater from Anthro that I have not liked. I feel that comfort is very important to the brand lifestyle. When choosing a sweater, I always start thinking about the versatility of the sweater. I’m always asking questions like: Will this go cute with a high-top skirt? A pair of jeans? I like to know that when I am buying a statement piece that I can wear it more than once in a week, and style it differently.  

Cuffed-Sleeve Turtleneck Tunic

Ruffle-Sleeve Turtleneck

3. Get INspired By The Seasons

Begin each season with an outgoing outlook. I always tell myself when I am shopping through the new styles, to go ahead and grab the new styles that I would not usually wear. I recommend to try on the new thread trends and let yourself create a new and inspired look that will help the seasonal depression. Because let’s face it when winter rolls around we start to go crazy, being cooped up all the time indoors. So, why not try and find a reason to go out to dinner, wearing a cute dress or even pairing it with a cute pair of boots.

Michael Stars Faux Fur Reversible Vest

Encanto Jumpsuit