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Campus Profile: Megan LaPlant


This shopaholic, dog loving, life of the party also known as Megan LaPlant is sure to give you a run for your money! As a senior studying Marketing with Supply Chain at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee she clearly does not have trouble keeping busy! Originally from Sun Prairie, WIsconsin, right outside of Madison, Megan has always been a very creative soul! When she doesn’t have her head in her books you can find her at the nearest coffee shop, yoga studio or catching up on her latest Netflix show! 


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Oooh I would have to say affectionate, outgoing and adventurous


What does your go-to playlist consist of right now?

It definitely depends on the mood I’m in. I love any kind of music that gives off acoustic vibes. Right now I’d say my go-to artists are Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, Sia and Khalid.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I always love exploring new destinations (especially new restaurants), taking photos and spoiling my dogs whenever I get the chance to.


What kind of camera(s) do you have?

Canon DSLR & GoPro Hero 5


How did you first get involved with photography?

I would say that I developed my love for it from my older brother who has been in the photography/film business for the last 5+ years now. He actually graduated from UWM a couple years ago!


What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Nature is always something I enjoy capturing because it’s always changing and not one photo is ever the same. I also love getting a good shot of someone who doesn’t exactly know I’m taking a photo of them.


What do you enjoy most about the photos you take?

 I find myself often becoming visually inspired by just the shot of one thing, which is what encourages me to continue taking photos.

Do you hope to someday make a profession out of your photography skills?

I could see it maybe as a side business possibly for weddings, senior pictures or just for fun! I’m definitely going to continue taking photos for my own pleasure though!


What’s your favorite thing about fall?

I love watching the weather change, it’s definitely my favorite season to capture great photos!


Cailynn is currently an undergraduate student studying Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her adventuring began at an early age in Madison, WI and hasn't slowed down since. Outside of HerCampus, she also writes for the The Daily Cardinal, The UWM Post and Media Milwaukee. When she doesn't have a computer in front of her you can find her with a chai in one hand, her phone in the other, spending time with the greatest humans on the planet and laughing at her own jokes.
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