Campus Profile: Jess Thill

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess! She’s 21 years old (well almost) from Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin and yes there are falls in the town. Jess is majoring in Marketing and working towards a certificate in International Business. You can find Jess exploring the city of Milwaukee with her close friends while snapping some pictures along the way.

Dream job?

I have always dreamt big, so my dream job would have to be working in the movie business. I always wanted to be an actress or even working behind sets would be fun too. As I am finishing up my degree in Marketing, maybe one day I could be apart of the digital marketing team for movie sets or the Oscars.

How did you get into photography?

It all started with my mom’s Polaroid. I would take that thing to the park and just snap so many photos of my friends and I. I enjoyed it so much I would take pictures of my toy dolls, and pretend that they were like the show “America’s Next Top Model” because I loved creating an image. Thankfully, I have more friends than I did as a kid because I get to take pictures of real people. 

What are your favorite things to photograph?

I love photographing anything that can help create a story just through an image. Like take people for instance, I can take a messy picture of a person and it lets people’s minds go wild because everyone is creating there own interpretation of that image. Photography is a type of art that leaves an impression on people. I love that part.

Tell me about why photography is so important to you?

I like creating art and I think photography is a wonderful type of art because I can create a piece and look back at it in the future and remember exactly why I took that picture, why I was there and I can tell the stories. Photography is my story telling.

How do you think photography has changed through social media?

The best way to know the trends and news is through images, especially photography. People like seeing images and especially intriguing ones that catch peoples’ eyes. I feel like photographers help create the brand and the overall image that social media sites want to contain to it’s audience. Without it, the world would just be plain and boring.

What's next for your photography in the future?

I wish I could end up like a fashion blogger but I am too broke to own designer clothing, so that is a no go. I think that I would love to take more images of new places and keeping traveling because those are some of my most memorial photographs.

Your Instagram is BOMB, what tips can you give for those interested in improving their social media game?

Well first off thank you, but basically I just really enjoy marketing myself. I like posting my adventures while being funny. I think making your Instagram to fit your style is super important when creating and posting posts. Also, posting meaningful photographs before it is too late. I mean I have tons of posts I haven’t posted yet and then it becomes to late to post, so I’d say just post what you love and no matter what that is all that truly matters in the end.