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Campus Profile: Emilie Rackovan

College offers up many unique situations for people. You’re thrown into unfamiliar territory and debut yourself as a young professional adult. You get the opportunity to freely explore your passions and meet people who share similar ideas and are passionate about the same things that you are. One such person that I have come across who I share a passion with is campus sweet heart, Emilie Rackovan! She is a currently a junior who intends to major in communications but one of her biggest passions is animals!

Emilie is an Adoption Counselor/Animal Care Technician at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Emilie decided to share with me her experience’s and how others can become involved in helping out all the lovable animals that are there!

AS: What is your job like at the Humane Society?

ER: As an Adoption Counselor, I try and find my clients the perfect match. I do this by evaluating the needs/desires of the client and then trying to help match them up with an animal I believe would fit their lifestyle well.

As an Animal Care Technician, I assist in cleaning, feeding, and medicating our population of dogs, cats, and small animals. I also move the animals up to the adoption floor when space becomes available.

AS:When did you start working for the Wisconsin Humane Society?

ER: I started volunteering in October of 2016 and was just hired at the end of April. However, I adopted my kitten from WHS in 2015 and have always loved going there to visit the animals.

AS:What made you want to get involved?

ER: My deep love and passion for animals and how strongly I believe in WHS’s mission. The organization saves so many lives every single day and I am so incredibly honored to be a part of that.

AS: Would you like to share any memorable stories about working at the Humane Society?

ER: It’s really hard to pick out one story in particular because there are amazing/memorable things that happen every single day. I would say something that really warmed my heart was the first adoption I ever did (and it was only about a week ago!). I met with a lovely family that had two kids. We met with a dog and were about to meet with another dog, but she got adopted. The family was mildly discouraged because they did not connect with the first dog and really had their heart set on the second. Then I encouraged them to meet a dog named Larry. As soon as we let him out into meeting area, it was love at first sight. He was laying on top of the kids licking their faces and his tail was wagging so hard, his whole body was wiggling. They ended up adopting him and he gets along so well with their cat. The mom sends me updates and sometimes the kids even sleep in the dog bed with Frank (they renamed him).

AS: What would you like to share with our readers about your experience working there?

ER: Working/volunteering at WHS is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. The team is wonderful and everybody (staff, volunteers, and clients) has an unmatched love for animals. Everybody supports each other because, at the end of the day, we are here to save animals and find them forever homes.

AS: How can others such as our readers help the Humane Society or volunteer?

ER: Donating and volunteering are two wonderful ways to help out! As far as donating goes, you can do it a few different ways: -Monthly donations -Single donations -Donating supplies (see wishlist) -Host events (i.e. a birthday party) and ask for donations rather than gifts http://www.wihumane.org/donate You can find volunteer info here: http://www.wihumane.org/volunteer We ask for a 2 hour/week time commitment and an overall 6 month commitment. There are TONS of opportunities in many different departments such as: adoption, animal care technician, socializing, and SO many more.

AS: Can you tell us a little bit more about the Wisconsin Humane Society? Where is it located? What are their hours of operation?

ER: The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is a private nonprofit organization whose mission is to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness. We have three campuses: Milwaukee (main), Racine, and Ozaukee.

The Milwaukee campus is located at 4500 W. Wisconsin Ave. and is right by Miller Park.

The hours are:

Sunday: 11-5

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 12-8

Saturday: 10-6


The Racine campus is located at 2706 Chicory rd.

The hours are:

Sunday: Closed

Monday-Friday: 2-7

Saturday: 10-6


The Ozaukee campus is located at 630 W. Dekora st. in Saukville.

The hours are:

Sunday/Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 2-7:30

Saturday: 12-5


AS:Are there any animals right now up for adoption that you would like to talk about?

ER: Our dogs have an average length of stay of about 2 days, so they may be (hopefully) adopted by the time this article comes out, so I will upload their pictures. Their names are: Athena (my staff pick), Nero, and Penny

AS: Could you tell us a little bit about them?


3 year old Athena: I LOVE Athena for many reasons, but the reason she caught my eye was because she looks exactly like my pup. She is so sweet and thinks she is a lap dog. All she wants is to sit in your lap and get some love! Athena is looking for a home with no other pups as she likes alllll the attention! 

5 year old Nero: Nero is one of the goofiest pups I have ever met and goes cross-eyed when you give him a treat. He reminds me of a pot-bellied pig and does not have a mean bone in his body. He has lived with dogs before and does not have any restrictions!  

1.5 year old Penny: Penny is still learning that humans want to give her love, so she prefers someone who will go slow and give lots of pets. Penny also prefers to be the only pup in the home and is uncomfortable around kids. Once you gain her trust, she won’t leave your side. 


*Update: All three of these lovable pups have been adopted out to loving families! But there are still many more lovable animals who need a home at the Wisconsin Humane Society! 

Ashley is a Senior at the University Wisconsin Milwuakee where she is majoring in Human Rescource Management. She is currently the President for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukees HerCampus chapter. Outside of HerCampus Ashley is PR Manager and brand ambassador for Love Your Melon! She enjoys all the fun volunteering oppurtunities with the kiddos and within her community that Love Your Melon has to offer. During her free time you can find her passing time watching Netflix or diving into a good book.
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