Caffeine Comfort

Alas, the chilly months of fall have arrived. There's something about the crisp crunch of leaves beneath your feat and the blistering wind across your face that summons the craving for a hot cup-o'-Joe.

Luckily, UWM is in close proximity to plenty of options to satisfy these java-fueled desires.

Colectivo Coffee:

A MKE legend, seemingly everyone and their Grandma love Colectivo coffee. I haven't ventured far from their plan black coffee because it's just that good! That's not to say they don't offer a wide variety of selections, Colectivo's got it all! 

There's not one, not two but, three Colectivo locations near UWM, each offering their own unique charm. Since I'm already shamelessly promoting this local gem, I'm going to advise you to grab a bite to eat while you're at it. I've tried a variety of things on their menu from sandwhiches to cookies and have never been disappointed.

Stone Creek Coffee: 

Two words, lavender latte. Have I peaked your interest? Not the most likely of combos, however, I assure you that you have not truly lived until you give this unique beverage a try.

Stone Creek Coffee has been a MKE favorite since 1993. Lattes, mochas and classic drinks, oh my! Stone Creek is sure to craft a beverage worthy of your Instagram feed.

Brave the cold and make the short trek a few blocks north of campus to their shop on Oakland Ave in Shorewood. For more Stone Creek goodness keep your eyes on Downer Ave. The coffee shop is showing the Eastside some love and opening a location there this fall!

The Grind UWM:

Do you ever have one of those days where you can't stop dozing-off no matter how hard you try? Perhaps while sitting in a lecture hall where the teacher drones on and on. One of those days where your heart says stay awake but your mind begs for a few minutes of shut-eye?

Fear not, for UWM is oozing with java options to keep your drowsy-self from drifting away when you should really be paying attention.

Believe it or not, the Grind has some pretty delightful beverage options. You can keep things simple with a plain black coffee or you can go all out and order a drink off their special menu. Pricvary depending how fancy you get with your order. One of my personal favorites is the Honey-nut Cheerio Latte. If it weren't for the price tag and the large number of calories associated with it I'd be sippin' this drink on the daily.


When the Starbucks Siren beckons one must answer her call. I know Starbucks gets a lot of flack for being home to "basic white girls" and holiday cup controversy. However, Starbucks isn't all PSLs and Unicorn Frappuccinos(p.s. these options are delish so stop hating), in fact they have quite the expansive menu that's sure to satisfy any coffee lover's cravings. 

Being college students, price is always a concern. Starbucks is no different from the other coffee options we've discussed thus far, the more complicated the drink the higher the price tag. That being said it's nice to have options! If you're in the mood for something quick and easy grab a black coffee to go, or if you're dying to try the latest crafty concoction the chain store is whipping up dive in! 

I visit the Starbucks on Downer Ave when I need my fix. Nothing tastes better than a sweet vanilla cream cold-brew bright and early!