Breakfast on Milwaukee's East Side

There are mornings where nothing sounds better than some sizzling bacon, a fresh cup of coffee and a big-flippin' waffle. Luckily, Milwaukee has a plethora of fabulous breakfast-joints to choose from. Here are some of my favorites:

The Original Pancake House on Downer: The Original Pancake House on Downer Ave is the I'm talking majorly delicious breakfast food, people! Now, I may be the teensyist-bit biased since I'm currently involved in a love affair with their banana french toast, however, I think the large line outside every weekend is enough to prove the city of Milwaukee is feelin' the love for the Pancake House too. Famous for their bacon pancakes and delightful coffee, this cozy little East Side favorite is the perfect place to spend your morning.  



Beans and Barley Cafe:   Where my vegetarians at? Beans and Barley Cafe on North Ave offers a variety of dishes to fit any diet, specializing in vegetarian fare. That's not to say carnivores will have a hard time finding something delicious to munch on, everything on their menu is top-notch. Not only is Beans and Barley a treasured MKE establishment, it also doubles as a super cute general store. Be sure to peruse the shop for quirky gifts, a bottle of wine or a variety of natural products.  



Cafe Hollander:  Looking for a boozy-brunch option? Look no further, Cafe Hollander is the perfect place. Everything at Cafe Hollander is 5-star delicious in my humble opinion and their brunch options are no different. The Cafe offers delightful breakfast option such as waffles and quiche or if lunch is more your style burgers and handhelds. No matter your entree of choice, be sure to try one of their scrumptious bloody marys or mimosas.  


Donut Squad: Red Velvet, Fruity Pebbles, Boston Cream, need I say more? Whether you opt for glazed, filled or specialty, Donut Squad has something for everyone. This North Avenue gem is easily recognizable from their ultra-Instagramable mural out front consisting of two cops surrounded by what else, donuts.    




Colectivo:  Are you more of a caffeine-connoisseur than a breakfast lover? Hit-up Colectivo to get your morning burst of energy and a small treat to start your day off right! All items from Colectivo's bakery are Milwaukee-made at their shop in historic Bay View.