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Best Coffee Shops to Study at in Milwaukee

Does anyone else have a difficult time studying or getting work done at home? I can find twenty other things to do than crack open my textbook when I’m at my apartment. Luckily, we live in a city that is prosperous with coffee shops to study at, and of course, to enjoy delicious coffee at. It might be the endless amounts caffeine and scones, but I know I will always get my work done when I walk in to a coffee shop.

With midterms approaching we need to get to studying, and yes, crack open those textbooks. So, get out of your procrastination station at home, and get to a coffee shop, quick! Below are a few of my favorite places to get work done and enjoy a latte or two (definitely two) in Milwaukee. Check them out!



232 E Erie Street

Drink of choice: Cold brew with Almond milk



Located in the Historic Third Ward, this light and airy coffee shop will no doubt get your creative juices flowing. The baristas are always creating new and interesting coffee flavors and variations for their customers, so never be afraid to ask for something unique.



158 S Barclay Street

Drink of choice: Black Sheep dark roast



If you’ve lived in or near Milwaukee for a while you have definitely heard of Stone Creek coffee—they have over twelve locations in the area. However, my favorite location is the Radio Milwaukee Café. This is because the café is downstairs from 88NINE, Milwaukee’s local and alternative radio station. You can leave your headphones at home because you can listen to 88NINE’s killer jams through the speakers.  



2132 E Locust Street

Drink of choice: Americano with a cinnamon roll


Perfectly positioned in the UW-Milwaukee neighborhood, The Roast is a lovely place to study the afternoon away. This cozy coffee shop is always busy and always brewing coffees from all over the world. Also, their bakery items are delicious!



2999 N Humboldt Blvd

Drink of choice: Caramel latte



Please check this Colectivo location out! Not only can you enjoy a decadent latte inside a coffee shop filled with plants and colorful artwork, but you can also take a break from studying to watch the coffee roasters at work. The “Roastery” is Colectivo’s main roasting facility and it is about twenty feet away from the baristas and the coffee tables inside the shop. If you love coffee, or even just the smell of coffee, this is your Mecca.

I know there are MANY more coffee shops and locations that I did not mention. These are just of few of my favorite spots to study at in Milwaukee, I hope you can check them out soon!

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