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Autumn Leaves and Sweaters Please

Fall is always an exciting time in the fashion world and offers endless possibilities for your style game. You can layer so many cute things together or bust out your favorite sweater and still look like you just walked off of the runway. Since September 22nd was the first official day of fall here are some trends you should be on the lookout for!


This fall you should be on the lookout for cute chunky sweaters! Sweaters are always popular during this season and are an essential item for your fall/winter wardrobe. But this year you should be on the lookout for sweaters with a wider sleeve on them.  Some popular colors to be on the lookout for are merlot, dusted rose, and army green. Of course sweaters are super fun to play with and are a great layering piece. You can add a simple button up or plaid shirt underneath to add some character to any outfit. In the next picture you will see another way that you can style a sweater this fall. 

You may be thinking it’s time to pack up all your skirts and bust out your favorite pairs of denim but you might want to rethink that decision. This season you should be on the lookout for sweater skirt combos. This combination is not only super cute but also becomes a valuable asset on those days where it’s chilly in the morning but warmer in the afternoon. Whether you have a short or long skirt they all look super cute paired with one of your favorite sweaters. 

Another trend you should be on the lookout this fall for is corduroy. In recent fashion trends we have seen a revival of the 70s and 90s, and corduroy is one of those trends that has not been left in the past. Corduroy has not been left in the past for good reason! It is not only is an amazing item to have to add texture to an outfit it  but it also comes in a variety of colors. These little details can turn any outfit into a show stopper. 

Over the knee boots have become an AMAZING transition piece to add to your wardrobe. They are not only super easy to find and you can get a great pair of them for a reasonable price too. These boots are the ou can wear them all year long and they look fantastic with a variety of pieces in your wardrobe. Some great items to wear over the knee boots with is denim, dresses, and skirts! 

Motto jackets have quickly become an everyday essential that you need during the fall. They are great for keeping you warm on those chilly nights and are super easy to layer other pieces with. They are also a simple piece to grab before you leave the house and help elevate your everyday outfits. 

The last two trends to look out for this fall are plaids and metallics. Plaid is always a trend when it comes to fall and never goes out of fashion. But what really makes plaid interesting this fall is by adding metallics with it. Whether it is your jewelry or a cute pair of booties metallics are essential with your plaid. It adds a little bit of flair and creates more interest in what you are wearing. 

Fall is a great way to mix, match, and layer so many different pieces. Have fun creating new styles and exploring the endless possibilities that these current trends have to offer. But the biggest thing to remember this fall is that what really makes any outfit shine is you!


Ashley is a Senior at the University Wisconsin Milwuakee where she is majoring in Human Rescource Management. She is currently the President for the University of Wisconsin Milwaukees HerCampus chapter. Outside of HerCampus Ashley is PR Manager and brand ambassador for Love Your Melon! She enjoys all the fun volunteering oppurtunities with the kiddos and within her community that Love Your Melon has to offer. During her free time you can find her passing time watching Netflix or diving into a good book.
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