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18 things to do your last semester at UWM

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWM chapter.

For all you graduating seniors out there, you may be feeling an abundance of emotions. Whether you’re excited to graduate or wish you could stay in college forever, there will come a time where the inevitable happens- the real world. With that being said, you absolutely need to complete everything on this bucket list before you have to sit through that three hour long graduation.

  1. Take a picture with the famous Panther on campus 
  2. Make out with the hot guy from class
  3. Spend one day, all day just drinking with your best friends at the Gasthaus
  4. Go on that girls gone wild spring break
  5. Have a pajama party sleepover with your best friends
  6. Take a fun class that is probably consumed with freshmen (Art 100 is a fun one)
  7. Have one last house party and see how much money you save by not going to the bars!
  8. Pull an all-nighter (studying or not-studying)
  9. Go on the Shamrock Shuffle March 3rd
  10. Make fake names with your best friends out at the bars one night.
  11. Take a weekend road trip to Chicago
  12. Sneak into Bradford beach at night
  13. Spend a weekend binge watching that show you never got around to
  14. End up in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (they cover all the big events in Milwaukee)
  15. Visit your high school friends at their colleges 
  16. Karaoke night
  17. Join that campus org and go to their socials
  18. Make a “last semester playlist”

But really, just have fun! You’ll never have these circumstances again in your life. Those undergrad years are memories you will never forget, and sometimes won’t be able to remember.

I'm a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying marketing and international business. I spend most of my time traveling, writing, interning and hanging out with the most inspiring people.