14 Reasons Why Every College Girl Needs Her Dog at School

My college life is filled with stress from school. Two jobs, roommates, and the fact that I am now an adult who needs to do adult things, has really taken it’s toll. I find temporary relief from these stressors, in the laughs that I share with my sorority sisters, and wrapping myself in the words of my favorite Harry Potter book. But, the truth is, going home to hang out with my dog is my favorite way to forget about the things that stress me out.

After living at home for a period of time while I attended the two-year college in my hometown, I was able to depend on my dog for support and friendship. Now that I am at UW-Milwaukee living with roommates who are allergic to animals and residing in a house that doesn’t allow pets has made me depend more on human friends and myself. Now that I live a majority of my life without my dog, I can clearly see all of the important lessons he has taught me. Having a dog during college is so important and every college girl should bring their furry friend to school.

1. They are there to remind you that school always comes first.


2. If you’re on a budget, they ensure you make the most of your leftovers.


3. They are there to tell you that, if you miss someone, you should always let them know.

4. They improve your confidence, so you feel bold enough to wear that lipstick color you’ve been dying to try out!


5. If you want to read Harry Potter, then read Harry Potter. But they want you to read it with a friend...


6. They let you know that it’s the thought that counts, so be thankful for the gifts loved ones and friends give you, no matter how small.

7. They reassure you that even when your mom and dad move into a new house, you’re always at home when you visit. Because home is wherever your loved ones are.


8.They show you that the grass is always greener wherever you decide to roll in it.


9. They are there to take you for walks, so you remember to enjoy the fresh air and to clear your mind.


10. They keep you silly, because life wasn’t’ meant to be taken seriously.

11. They are there to lean on for support, and to encourage you to be the support system others need.


12. They want you to hang out with your grandparents more, because they love them just as much as you do.


13. They are enthusiastic about taking naps, and emphasize the importance of getting a full eight hours of sleep.


14. They always want you to smile and fill the world with positive energy because they know life is too short to live any other way.