10 Things That Go Through Your Head During Syllabus Week

September means one thing to us as students...back to school. Well with back to school comes our favorite time in college SYLLABUS WEEK! Who am I kidding that shouldn't be in caps because very few of us can physically handle sitting in a classroom watching a professor flip through a ridiculous amount of slides on the projector and talking for what seems to be hours. Here's a few thoughts I know we can all relate to while we're sitting there hating our lives during that first week back....



1.  I forgot a pencil. How could I possibly have forgotten a pencil?​


 2. What on earth is this girl writing in her notes already?!


3. I hope they let me use my computer in this class...so I can check my texts without the professor knowing...

4. Who the hell has time to print the syllabus?


5. I swear I'm gonna keep up with the readings this semester


6. I'm totally napping after this class 

 7. When am I gonna shove lunch in my mouth?

8.  More importantly where am I going to get lunch

9.  Omg that guy I hooked up with is in this class

10. I should probably look cuter tomorrow....actually never mind screw that