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10 Reasons You Should See Lady Bird NOW

I went into this movie knowing nothing about what the movie was about, besides the fact that it is the most talked about thing on the Internet, by breaking the Rotten Tomatoes record and getting 100%! I do not want to brag about how great this film was because if you do not like I do not want to be blamed but I mean if you have time I recommend you seeing this movie before it leaves theaters, this movie makes you cry, laugh so hard you fall out your seat, and if you want to just enjoy an afternoon this movie is not a waste of money. Here is what I learned from this movie:

1. Crushes suck

2. Everything works out in the end

Sometimes not getting what you want leads to other opportunities, enough you do not want to think like that. So keep your mind open to anything, because anything is possible. 

3. Remember your strong suits aka love your self

4. Mothers know best

5. Dads are also the best for advice 

They also give the best hugs.

6. Don’t act “cool” to fit in

7. Do things when “you” feel it is right

Like trying new things, for example, having sex for the first time.

8. Every life is different

Try and be aware of other’s feelings, sometimes you do not always know what they are going through. 

9. Dance like no one is watching

10. It is okay to cry sometimes.

High school, college, breakups just remember it’s not the end of the world.

Side note, if you see the movie and do not like please do not jump out of a car because it was that bad. 


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