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Your Complete 2019 Reading List

My very first article for Her Campus UWindsor was a 2018 reading list. Now that 2018 is coming to a close I’m here with another list of fantastic books for 2019! This list consists of books I have read throughout the year, or plan to read in the new year that I’m really excited about.


Less- Andrew Sean Greer

This fictional novel follows the story of writer Arthur Less, a 50 year old gay man, and his trip around the world. He is invited to his ex-boyfriend’s wedding and, deciding that it would be too difficult to face, he goes on a trip around the world visiting literary conventions instead. I couldn’t put it down! The plot of this story is quite normal, but the characters snag your interest. If you like regular stories about sad, middle aged men, this is the story for you!


The Word is Murder- Anthony Horowitz

This novel was great. It’s a murder mystery. A woman walks into a funeral parlour to plan her own service… 6 hours later she is found strangled in her apartment. The story follows Detective Hawthorne trying to solve the murder and the truth will definitely surprise you. The point of view is interesting because Anthony Horowitz makes himself a character in his own book, as an author writing a book about the mystery.


The Secret Wife- Gill Paul

This is a fictional story of a man named Dmitri and his love affair with Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia. The story flashes back and forth from 2016 to the early 1900s with a relative of Dmitri’s trying to unravel the story of their past. It was a great book and offered a great account of history. I was fascinated by the Russian history, and heartbroken by the love story.


A Streetcar Named Desire- Tennessee Williams

Loved this because it’s such a classic! It is set in 1947 New Orleans and it follows the story of Blanche DuBois, a high maintenance school teacher, when she moves in with her sister and apish brother-in-law. The tension between characters and the secrets they divulge keep you intrigued. This one is actually a play, but it’s still just as good!

The Gatekeepers- Jen Lancaster

I haven’t read this one yet but it follows the story of a group of friends and their lives after a classmate takes his own life. They navigate their feelings while facing their own demons. This one sounds super good and I can’t wait to read it!


Why Do We Say It- Chartwell Books (No Author)

This one isn’t an actual novel. It’s more of a dictionary. It takes common words and sayings that we use and tells the story of its origin and why we say it. Perfect for English nerds like me!

Next Year in Havana- Chanel Cleeton

Like The Secret Wife this one flashes back and forth between the past and present. It tells the story of a girl trying to unravel a family secret buried within the Cuban revolution. I love books that tell the story from the past and present. Yet another one I can’t wait to read!


The Female of the Species- Mindy McGinnis

This one is darker than I usually read. It views rape culture from different lenses and follows Alex Craft as she tries to hide her dark secret and fit in with her classmates. I couldn’t put this one down either. It has an air of mystery to it that I loved and I wanted to keep reading to unravel the whole story.


I hope you find these novels as enjoyable as I did. All of these books can be purchased at any mainstream book store, so go get a head start on your 2019 reading!

Meghan is a second year English Major at the University of Windsor. She is minoring in Environmental Science. Meghan loves fashion, reading and writing, and nature/the environment. She hopes to enter the world of Editing or Journalism after University. Meghan is excited to share her ideas and opinions with the Her Campus followers!
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