You Need to Make The Killers' Christmas Singles a New Tradition

If you don't already listen to the band The Killers, you definitely should. Not only are they talented and great at making a story out of their albums, they also release a new Christmas single every year! Here are some reasons you need to make The Killers' Christmas songs a new tradition.


They're not the traditional Christmas songs.

Good tidings and joy? Not so much. The Killers recreate Santa into a villain persona in some of their singles. The story (unwoven through several of their songs) is about Santa's rivalry with Brandon Flowers (lead singer). The story starts with “Don't Shoot Me Santa” and continues with “I Feel It In My Bones”. Their newest single, “Dirt Sledding” (all proceeds from iTunes go to (RED) for this single), might be the end of this particular story line. “Joel, the Lump of Coal” also gives a different perspective of Santa through the eyes of, obviously, a lump of coal.

They tackle the lesser-known Christmas struggles.

Not going home for Christmas? “Christmas in L.A.” talks about the lonely, and sometimes confusing, times that the holidays can bring. “Boots” directs our attention to the homeless. And to accompany the inevitable nostalgia, listen to "A Great Big Sled".


They're fun!

Not all of the singles are sad or creepy like the ones mentioned before. Some, like my favourite, “The Cowboy's Christmas Ball”, are just fun and kind of absurd. They remind us that the holidays are just to enjoy time with family and friends and to have fun! Need a break from university stress? “¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!” is just the song!

They address the real meaning of Christmas.

Joseph, Better You Than Me” talks about Christ's dad and the hardships of the journey to Bethlehem. The video makes the message universal by connecting the voyage in the desert to the Mojave desert, a place The Killers grew up around and that a lot of their songs relate to.

Get your hot chocolate and snuggle up in your new pajamas and enjoy some of the funny and heart-warming songs that The Killers gift us with every Christmas!