Why You Should Watch ‘You’

Imagine this: you go into a bookstore, you meet the bookstore manager, and then two days later he saves you from getting hit by a train. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Well, it sure did to Joe Goldberg because he thought she would be the perfect one. Being in a fairy tale relationship meaning having a stable and normal relationship, where everything flows, and there is no stalking involved! In the Netflix television show ‘You’, we see a different definition of normal. Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, takes interest in an aspiring female author, Guinevere. That’s normal right? However, she has no idea who he is. He uses social media to try and track her whereabouts, and then he finds where she lives. He unravels her personality through her posts, and he goes into her apartment and takes things.



He goes to her poetry slam, then she gets upset and almost dies from falling in front of a train. Luckily he saves her, and while he’s saving her, he steals her phone. For some reason, she left her phone unlocked. He was then able to access all of her personal information.


Guinevere realizes her ex has gone missing. Oh, now who could have ties to that… Joe, is it you? Maybe. Spooky events happen to her and no matter what corner she turns Joe is always right there. These events only scratch the surface. There is much more to it, and the ending WILL shock you. You’ll probably feel a little like:


Now the reason we need to watch this show is because we do not realize how often this happens. We, as humans, get obsessed with someone all the time, and we stalk their social media to see what they are up to. We don’t always go to the extremes like Joe did, but someone could. In addition, Joe believed that everything he was doing was to protect Guinevere and to make her love him. He believed that lie so much it became his reality. This happens to us in relationships as well: we do something thinking it will benefit the other person; however, it only causes them damage. We can believe in our own lies to the point where any extreme thing we do seems justified.  Therefore, everyone who watches this show should watch to understand that the world is not safe and to ALWAYS LOCK YOUR PHONE AND DOORS.  ​