Why You Should Consider Graduating in the Fall Semester

Why You Should Consider Graduating in the Fall Semester


After my second year I changed programs, and because of this change, I was a little behind in my classes.  While I could have graduated ‘on time’ if I had taken more summer courses, I decided to enjoy my summers and take an extra semester instead.

Taking an extra semester is working out amazing for me, and I believe that it is an option more people should consider. Here is why:


1. By taking this extra semester, I had a whole extra year to try and figure out my next step. Last fall I had no idea what graduate programs I was interested in. This past year I have learned so much more about myself and now have a solid list of graduate programs I am applying to for September 2019. If you are like me and know you want to go to Grad School, but you are still unsure where you want to go and what program you want to take, this time can really help you to figure things out.


2. Along with more time to decide what I wanted to study, having the winter off is going to help me work on my graduate school applications. Most applications are due in January and February when most students are also juggling a full course load and all their other responsibilities. Graduate school applications are a lot of work and stress, and I’m really thankful that I will be able to simply focus on them and not tests, lectures, and extracurriculars as well.


3. Not returning in the winter has also helped me to avoid the worst of senioritis. When starting in the fall, my motivations to have an amazing semester are high, and this carried me almost all the way through exams (I have to admit I’m struggling a little now). If I had a whole other semester in front of me, I would already be burned out from the fall (which happens to everyone every year, tbh). Instead, I feel like I was able to finish strong this fall.


4. What I am looking forward to the most is that by not having school in the winter I will have a lot more time to travel before going to Grad school--I have actually planned a trip to visit my sister (who lives in Australia) for a month. We’re going to be going to New Zealand, as well, which is a place I have always wanted to go and would not have been able to if I was in school since she will be moving back home from Australia in March.


5. Not being in school also enables me to work fulltime for 8 months rather than summer’s 4 months, which will help me save up for my move to Grad school.


So if you know you’re going to have to make up some extra credits, instead of taking a summer course-load, consider planning for an extra fall semester.