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Shaving is at least a biweekly event for many of us. Whether you want to feel the smooth sheets against your newly-shaved skin or if you would prefer to shave just for personal hygiene, it’s up to you based on personal preference. But this can be very time-consuming, can lead to cuts (if you’re not careful), and can be annoying to do so frequently. I am offering you an alternative – waxing!


1)   Longevity:

Think of the feeling of silky sheets against your skin. This sensation will last longer. You don’t have to worry about shaving every two weeks, and waxing reduces the amount of regrowth you will experience. Your hair will be removed from the roots, thus explaining this phenomenon – less hair. The hair that grows back will be finer, and the more you wax, the less regrowth you will experience - a higher frequency of waxing is proportional to lower hair regrowth (based on personal experience!).


2)   Bye-bye ingrown hairs:

Have you ever experienced those red bumps after shaving? They tend to persist and can be very tedious to get rid of. When you pursue the waxing route, you can say good-bye to ingrown hairs. Your skin is held taut and the wax strip is pulled off very fast, preventing any hair from re-growing beneath the skin surface. Your skin feels less itchy and less tedious to take care of following your waxing routine or appointment.


3) The key to exfoliation:

When you shave your hair is removed entirely from the surface. When you wax, the root of the hair is removed. You may notice your skin becoming lighter and more even after you wax. This is entirely due to the removal of dead skin cells. The cells at the surface of your skin (dead cells) are being removed, and this can lead to your skin looking fresh and healthy. With subsequent waxing sessions, your skin will only appear to look fresher.


Waxing may be painful, especially since the hair is removed from the root. However, with the proper technique, you will be saying hello to fresher skin. Though shaving may be an easier and cheaper alternative, it may be more tedious in the long run. A waxing appointment can take a shorter time, and you won’t have to participate in hair removal as often. There are also a variety of waxes to choose from and various techniques!


Before your waxing appointment, if you’re interested in trying something new, you should exfoliate your skin to remove any residue from lotions or skin care products this can make waxing much easier. You should also ensure that you aren’t shaving in between waxing appointments (unless you decide waxing isn’t for you). This will only make future appointments all the more painful, as well as reduce that silky-smooth sensation you experience when you wax.


Hopefully, this article motivated you to try waxing and experience that silky-smooth sensation that I mentioned earlier– whatever part you decide to get waxed. Some spas to check out in Windsor that offer great waxing services are the Refresh as well as the Sibella spa.  


I'm a senior at the University of Windsor, where I enjoy writing for HCXO and taking on an executive role. I appreciate puns, americanos, and birds of the eupatria species. In my free time I love to advocate for BIPOC and educate myself on topics that I may not be too familiar with. 
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