Why I Joined Her Campus, and How It Has Helped Me

Many freshmen in university are told to become actively involved in campus life by joining clubs, sororities, or faculty societies. Despite this, when I was in my first year at the University of Windsor I was somewhat intimidated to approach these groups and become a member. Luckily, I had an older friend who was a part of Her Campus and she encouraged me to join; the rest is history!

Her Campus is a great club to become involved with if you are considering a career in writing, editing, or publishing. For instance, I thought I wanted to be a journalist in my first year of university, so becoming a writer for Her Campus was the perfect extracurricular to facilitate this goal. Despite changing my career path from journalism to law, this experience still helps me in various ways. Primarily, this club has helped expose me to peers in faculties such as English and History, which are disciplines I would not have much exposure to otherwise.

In addition to meeting a new group of students with similar interests, Her Campus has helped me keep up with my writing and editing skills. My past three years serving as a biweekly writer has provided ample practice with writing short articles on various topics, as well as with editing my work for errors and clarity. Honing these skills regularly has helped me to consistently improve the strength of my writing as well as my time management techniques. These skills are often required in post-secondary academics, so improving them through Her Campus has also contributed to my academic success.

Another benefit of my involvement with this club has been the exposure it offers to trends and current world events. I often write my articles on topics that fall into these categories, so I have to stay up-to-date with what is going on throughout the world. Additionally, the Her Campus site offers thousands of articles from other chapters on similar topics, so reading these articles is a great way to broaden my personal knowledge and apply this to my own writing!

For me, Her Campus was initially just a freshman club I became involved in to work towards my previous goal of becoming a journalist. Now, I have a significant number of published articles under my belt and I have gained experience as a writer and an editor simultaneously. This club is something I would recommend to other students looking to become more engaged in their campus environment and bolster academic and personal skills. If you are a University of Windsor student and you are interested in learning more about our club or becoming a member, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]! We would be happy to send you more information.