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Why I don’t Mo

It’s that time of the year when men shave their faces, and start fresh. When men trim their beards and mustaches down to nothing, and then let it all grow out for four long weeks.

It is Movember, when men participate in what has become more a game than an actual fundraising drive for Prostate Cancer.


The Movember Foundation has actually grown quite a bit over the past few years, moving from Prostate Cancer, to men’s health in general, including mental health and testicular cancer. Movember is a really good thing, and I am glad that it exists.

I’m still not going to shave off my beard for this month.

I refuse to shave my beard for several reasons.

1. I don’t like how I look without a beard. But this alone wouldn’t stop me.

2. My beard takes a while to grow back, so I’m, stuck with number 1 for a while. But, again, not enough by itself to stop me.

3. #3 is the real reason. I’m not actively raising money for Movember. And because I’m not actively raising money for Movember, I’m not going to shave off my beard and pretend like I am. Participating in Movember without donating is like going to University without planning on getting a degree. While it isn’t a completely stupid idea, there is also little point to it.


“But,” you may say, “shaving your beard will generate awareness about the issues!”

Well, actually, I disagree. My shaving my beard makes me the same as everyone else who is. The thing is, Movember is already a big thing. Most people know what it is.

What I’m doing, is starting a conversation.


“Why haven’t you shaved your beard?”

“Well, it’s because I’m not raising money for the Movember Foundation. While people should donate, I’m not actively asking people for donations right now, and so I’m not going to pretend like I am.”


I’m reminding people that Movember needs more than just a shaved face and wild growth; it needs donations, or it loses much of its point.


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