What's On My Desk?

My desk is where the magic happens. My desk, like most things in my room, is neat and organized. Everything on it, and in it, is laid out in a crucial pattern that contributes to getting work done in my productive space. The format of your desk can either make or break your productivity, so here is a guide to the items on my desk:


  • Calendar: This is technically above my desk, but it is in the perfect spot for me to add dates and reminders. It is also easy for me to take a quick glance up and see everything I have scheduled from due dates to appointments (and then cry about how busy I am).


  • Magazine rack: I have it placed in the top left corner of my desk, and I use it to store notebooks, loose papers, and anything that I want cleared off my desk. It is mesh and grey and matches the colour theme I went with.


  • Lamp: I have this beside my magazine rack. I had a different one before this and I actually only bought this one over the summer. Nonetheless, it’s super cute and it’s great for when the overhead light is just too bright, or I need extra light. It has a grey and white marble base, and it has a geometric shape surrounding the bulb.


  • My cactus: I have this beside the lamp. He is pink and I named him Hank! I repotted it to a tea cup and matching saucer and it looks so cute. They’re my favourite plants, and it is the perfect splash of colour.


  • Pens, pencils, markers: In the top right corner of my desk I have holders for my pens, sharpies, pencils, and other office supplies.They’re easy to grab and still out of the way. All of these containers are grey mesh


  • Miscellaneous: The top drawer of my desk is a catch-all drawer: I have take out menus, instruction manuals, and other miscellaneous things that I need storage for that have nowhere else to go.


  • Colouring books and pencil crayons: In the second drawer of my desk are my colouring books, pencil crayons, markers, and crossword book. I have them there for when school work becomes too mind-numbing.


  • Notebooks and paper: In the third drawer of my desk I have my school notebooks stored there out of the way but still easy to access and switch between for classes. I also keep loose sheets of lined paper in case I need to jot down something quick.


  • Chargers: In the bottom drawer of my desk I keep my chargers. The pesky cords are tucked away and they’re close enough to the power bar or wall that I can keep them tucked in while they charge.


And that’s it. Everything on and in my desk that is organized perfectly to help me stay focused and be productive. Hopefully this inspires you to make necessary changes to your desk in order to stay productive.