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What I’ve Learned Being the Older Sister

I have a pretty big age gap between my brothers and me: five and nine years. I’ve never had to deal with arguing or annoying them, but they sure did annoy me—they still do! With the age gap between my youngest brother and me, I adopted a very nurturing role with him. With my other brother, I act more as a guide on what path he should be on in life.

The relationships I’ve formed with my brothers are extremely rewarding. As much as it would be so fun to have a sibling or siblings my age to hang out with, I love being able to share my knowledge  with them. I’ve been able to learn a lot in the twenty-one years of my life, thus far, that I would love for them to take and build up from. Of course, I do not know everything, not even close! But if I can save them from any troubles in life, I would love to do so.

Being the oldest, I’m the first to experience working, studying, falling in love, going out, learning how to drive, getting a credit card, figuring out what clothing brands are the best, etc… These are all things I had to figure out on my own. Some are simpler than others, but I never had someone guide me that resulted in times that I would feel confused and scared.

I do, of course, have fantastic parents who give me the best advice they can give me… but we’re living in a completely different generation. Not only that, but they immigrated here from Poland, so the lifestyle here is not exactly the same as what they are more familiar with. 

When I was a child, I still grew up when technology was not as dominant in everyday life as it is now. Today, we rely on technology for learning, entertainment, health, and so many other daily functions. When I was younger, I didn’t have the luxury to get home and play on my iad, or to FaceTime my friends whenever I was bored. Instead, I was outside! I had to call my friends on their home phones or ride my bike to their houses! So, I’m learning about the benefits of technology, but I’m also seeing its detriments to the children of this generation.

Luckily, I’m able to make that distinction for them and encourage them that there are experiences outside of the screen. But I’m also not like our parents or grandparents who think that all of these devices are absolutely terrible. I’m able to identify that we need to find a happy balance between experiencing events in real-time, while also absorbing the good that technology carries.

Not only that, but I’m the first out of my family to go to university. So, I’m also able to guide my brothers through what they should and shouldn’t prioritize in high school. I can share with them the difficulties I endure, as well as all the satisfaction I receive from my accomplishments.

Being an older sister isn’t easy; there is a lot of weight on my shoulders. But it sure is extremely rewarding!

Olivia Stanco

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