What I’ve Learned Throughout my Undergrad Years

As my undergrad at university comes to an end and I reflect back on the years that I spent here, there are many things that I have learned. Your undergraduate years are a time to explore who you are, what your plans for the future hold, as well as who will and who will not continue to be a major part of your life. There were many ups and down through these past years, as there is for anyone who is going to school, working, trying to maintain a social life, and working hard for what comes after university. Here are just a few of the things that I learned in my undergrad years.

You Have to do What you Want, Not What Anyone Else Wants

If you’re in a major, working a job, etc. because that’s what someone else thinks you should do, don’t. Only you know what you want and only you can make these decisions. You’re never going to be happy by trying to make others happy.

It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

A lot of people do not end up graduating with the same major they begin in, and they do not end up with the job they thought they would. As you learn more, you get a better idea as to what you do and don’t want to do and it’s okay to change your mind throughout these years.

Your Health Needs to Come First

Whether this be your physical health or your mental health, make sure to take care of yourself. Getting an A on that paper is not worth your suffering. You can always take that class again, you can always take an extra year of school, in the long run that isn’t the most important thing. Taking care of your health should always come first.

You’re Allowed to Let Go

Just because that person was your first love, or you’ve known that friend for 6 years, does not always mean that the  relationship is the best for you. Letting go and saying goodbye is okay. Yes, it’s difficult but sometimes it’s necessary.

There are People That Care

Sometimes you think that no one cares and you feel all alone, but there are people who love you, people who care about you, and people that you can reach out to. You are never as alone as you make yourself believe that you are.

Long Distance Friendships Suck at First, but get Easier With Time

Having friends that live hours away from you is always difficult, but you can make it work. Skype nights and snapchat updates work wonders. It always make it that much more exciting when they come to visit your or vice versa.

There are Certain Teachers That Go Above and Beyond

Yes, there are those teachers that put in minimal hours and that you know don’t give a shit about the students. But there are also those who you can tell care. They go out of their way to help you even if it has nothing to do with their class, and these are the teachers that help to make university enjoyable.

Try to Never Say No to an Opportunity

University is filled with amazing opportunities, whether it be an internship, studying abroad, conferences, workshops, anything; if it interests you and you’re able to do it, go for it. All of these opportunities broaden your horizons and can help you get closer to where you want to be.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Some people are able to double major, work two jobs, and be in 7 extracurriculars, while others can only be in a few classes and have one or two activities. Do what you can handle and what you find enjoyable and don’t worry about what others are doing. There is no need to judge and compare yourself when you’re happy and doing what is needed for you.

Don’t Forget About Everyone Who Has Helped You Get to Where You Are

Take a trip back to high school acknowledge those teachers that encouraged you to be where you are today. Reach out to your old friends, catch up and reconnect. Thank your parents and other family members who have supported and helped you with everything you do.

Go After Your Dreams

Don’t think you’ll get into law school? Apply anyways. Apprehensive about moving away? Give it a shot, you can always come back. Whatever your dreams are, what is the harm in chasing them? In school when people used to ask what your dream job was, you always thought of a job you probably wouldn’t get. Go after it anyways. The worst thing that can happen is that you won’t accomplish it, in which case you learn from your experience and move on to the next dream

It Was All Worth It

All of those late nights, stressful weeks, long hours in classes, countless cups of coffees, rant sessions with your friends, crying on the phone to your family members. Time, money, effort. It’s all going to get you closer to where you want to be. Never think of it as wasted time. In the end, it will all be worth it.