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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas: Global Pandemic Edition

With the unfortunate impacts of the pandemic, there have been many adjustments made to society. Every few  months, we are presented with different restrictions for certain establishments and mandatory requirements for others. This presents a major conflict in our social lives and our ability to  plan certain events. For example, Valentine’s Day might not be as simple as a dinner and a movie out anymore. In this article, I’m going to present to you some date ideas that  you and your partner can enjoy, even with the various restrictions!

Charcuterie and Wine Night

Grab yourself a bottle of wine and run to your local grocery store! Fill up a board with various cheeses, meats, fruit, nuts , etc. and throw on a movie. This can be with your partner or you can even do it for a galentines with all your friends! This makes for an easy but intimate night to spend with that special someone.

Fondue Night

Even if you don’t have an actual fondue machine, you can still enjoy this date idea . Instead, you can melt chocolate or cheese in a pot, and use that as your fondue maker! If you choose to do chocolate, get some fruit to accompany it. If you do cheese, grab some bread, apples, tomatoes, and whatever else you’d like. This makes for a fun and delicious night!

Bubble Bath and Champagne

This would be an ideal date for you and your partner. It’s extremely romantic, intimate, and affordable! All you really need is a bathtub, some soap, and a bottle of champagne. To make it even more romantic, you can decorate your bathroom with some candles, rose pedals, dim the lights and play some music.

At-Home Spa

This is similar to the previous idea, except it’s less intimate and is something you can do with friends too. You can all wear face masks, paint your nails, and do other self care activities. Not only will it be fun, but also beneficial to you!

Paint night

This idea has been trending for a while now over the internet. Put on any tutorial from  Youtube on your tv or computer that both you and your partner are willing to try. Then, grab some blank canvases, some paint, and try to follow along with the video. This can really show who the artistic one is in the relationship, and you might even get a few laughs out of it !

Home Theatre

Put on a romantic movie, grab some snacks, and just chill out. As simple as it is, it’s one of the best types of date nights. Sometimes we get so caught up with our busy schedules that we don’t even have time to just lay next to our partner and appreciate their presence. This date really ensures that we make up for that lost time.

I hope that these ideas that I’ve presented you with will help inspire you and your partner to have a great night together. Or, surprise them! If you’re having a galentines, even better. These dates are all within any COVID-19 restriction, and are all extremely affordable!

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