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UWindsor’s New Director of Events Programming

Ilisa Merz, an enthusiastic first year student at the university, recently became the director of events programming for the Windsor Inter Residence Council. She is also a dedicated member of  “Lancer Dance Pack”,  and an executive member of Lancer Nation.


Why did you decide to become the director of events programming for the Windsor Inter Residence Council?

I wanted to get involved more with the school. I did a lot of event programming in high school, and when the position opened I thought it would be a great way to get involved not only for myself but for other students.


What’s your favourite part about being the director of events of programming?

I like the people, of course! I also love getting to know people from other residences and knowing that I’m making residence life fun for some people, even if it’s just a few.


What are some challenges that you’ve faced with planning events?

Being a first year student because I have not had the experiences of some of the events that I’m planning.


What is the current event that you are planning?

The current event that I’m planning is the residence formal. This is a yearly event held for the students. It’s on January 17th, and tickets can go on students’ meal plans. This year’s theme is “Winter Wonderland”. Although it’s been a struggle to plan, I’ve had great support from the council supporting me, and we’re looking forward to a successful formal that will hopefully be memorable to the students. 


As the “Winter Wonderland” residence formal approaches, make sure you purchase your tickets and support the Windsor Inter Residence Council’s hard work!

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