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Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

I can speak from personal experience when I say that coming up with new ideas for Valentine’s Day dates can be tough year after year, especially if you’re trying to mix it up and stray away from going to dinner or the movies. This year I wanted to find something different and interesting to do with my significant other for Valentine’s Day, so I came up with a few ideas that others may be interested in as well!

1.     Cat café date

Admittedly, this date will only work for couples who enjoy the presence of cats and who are not allergic. My boyfriend and I both love cats and we’ve been mentioning the idea of visiting a cat café for months, so Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to try this out! This twist on a traditional coffee shop has become increasingly popular recently; visitors simply pay a small entry fee and can sit and sip coffee surrounded by cats – what’s not to love?

2.     Take a ‘paint and sip’ class

‘Paint and sip’ classes have also been gaining popularity recently, and Valentine’s Day may be the perfect time to try one out. Most of these classes offered include a guided painting session in addition to wine, so you can sip and paint the night away with your partner. This sounds like a perfect Valentine’s date to me; what’s better than a night of painting paired with good wine?

3.     Recreate your first date

As relationships progress, it can be all too easy to focus on the present and not take the time to reflect on how your relationship began. A fun and unique date idea for this Valentine’s Day is to recreate the first date you and your significant other went on; this could help remind you of where you both started out and how far you have come since.

4.     Stay-in activities

If you’re looking to stay in this Valentine’s Day, there are many fun and simple at-home activities that you can do to help celebrate each other and the relationship you share. Depending on your budget and interests, you and your significant other could spend this holiday decorating mugs, reading or playing board games together, or even knitting scarves and blankets to donate to a local shelter. These activities are both fun and mindful so they will give you both an opportunity to unwind from the demands of everyday life while spending quality time together!

Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day in a relationship or you’re looking for new activities to spice up the holiday with your significant other, these date ideas may be a good place to start. These activities are not limited to those in relationships, however; you and another single friend could totally have a single Valentine’s Day celebration through one of these activities as well!


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